There are some moments in time when a company or technology truly revolutionizes an industry. Tesla's recent unveiling of their Semi is one of those moments. And let's not forget the supercar-killing Tesla Roadster.

Things We Discussed

  • Tesla unveiled their electric Semi
  • The truck achieved a drag coefficient of 0.36
  • The Tesla Semi can climb a 5 percent grade with a full load at 65 mph. A conventional truck maxes out at 45 mph
  • Fully loaded, the Semi can travel 500 miles on a single charge
  • Tesla will build a network of high-speed, solar-powered charging systems called megachargers. They will provide 400 miles of range in 30 minutes. Megacharger use will cost 7 cents per kilowatt, Musk said.
  • The Roadster goes from 0-60mph in an astounding 1.9 seconds and will have a 620 mile range.

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